Smoked Pork Belly Porchetta by Chef Phillip Dell

Smoked Pork Belly Porchetta

Smoked Porchetta with Crispy Skin Incredibly crispy cracklins surround this Skin-On Pork Belly from White Oak Pastures. It was smoked using a 270 Smoker. 5-6 lb White Oak Pastures pork belly (skin on)1 handful fresh sage sprigs1…
Smoked Achiote Turkey recipe

Smoked Achiote Turkey

I had the pleasure of teaming up with Lemons and Time food blogger, Kent Dagnall recently, for a day of smoke, spice and creation. In this cook we were blessed to have an impeccable pasture-raised turkey from our friends at White Oak Pastures.…
Downtown Throwdown Barbecue Championships 2017

Chef Dell’s Story

I currently teach healthy cooking seminars and classes for those seeking a healthier lifestyle, particularly those with diabetes, high blood pressure or heart disease, as well as teaching clients how to transform foods into healthier versions in order to fulfill their personal health goals on a daily basis. I also work with local companies to plan and/or implement their employee health fairs.

I was once unhealthy, and I was able to change that. It is my desire to help those who want to change to a healthier lifestyle, eat better one bite at a time.